Video: Introduction

Welcome to the course!

I've structured the lessons to guide you through all the major areas of the body that we call "anatomy & physiology". But here are some of the other important things to know.

This is an online program, which means;

  • You can watch at your own pace
  • You can stretch without making other students uncomfortable
  • You can pause me (I won't let you do this in my live classes)
  • You can re-watch lessons
  • You can login to the course whenever you need to reference or check on something.

And yet... it requires a different kind of engagement if you really want to succeed. I don't know your specific learning styles...but here's a few things that I know are helpful.

  1. Just like with a language, start learning vocabulary (make a list during lecture).
  2. Think about how you're going to internalize the knowledge.
  3. Drawing pictures.
  4. Teach your animal or 4th grader (speak out loud)
  5. Use the comments and answer the review questions.
  6. Take the quizzes to engage your thinking.
  7. Think about the lessons in everyday life and the natural world.
  8. Use a textbook as a reference as you work through the lessons.

And so finally, as we get started, please share...

What is the best way for you to internalize these lessons?

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