Cannabis, pain & Inflammation Webinar, September 29th, 2021

Everyone experiences pain or inflammation in their lives, some folks experience them chronically. Interventions and relief begin with education and this is what I hope to do in this webinar by covering brush stroke physiology basics.

There are many ways to find relief from pain and inflammation. The number one reason folks reach out with questions about cannabis is regarding pain. We will get specific about how it helps. For example, did you know your own cannabinoids, endocannabinoids, are released to shut down the inflammatory response and pain signals?

Not interested in getting high? No worries, we will discuss how this is not necessary to get relief. Only want to work with high CBD? Sure thing. We will discuss how to best utilize it.

What You’ll Learn In the Webinar

  • The basic physiology of inflammation & pain
  • The basic physiology of stopping pain & inflammation
  • The places cannabis (both high THC & high CBD) shuts down inflammation & pain.
  • Best methods of ingesting cannabis for working with these conditions.
  • Specific ways to coax the body back to its healthy state

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