The Sleep Alchemist: Transforming Nights through Traditional and Modern Wisdom

I get it. You’re busy, frazzled, have too many commitments and too much to do and of course, you can’t sleep. You’ve heard that sleep is essential, crucial, and your health will suffer if you don’t get enough. You know there are health risks to not sleeping and that little bit of wisdom is not being used for good. In fact, it’s probably stressing you out more.

Great. Now there’s that to worry about.

“Well, let me tell you about the newest herb/supplement/sleep pillow. Hey! How about a CBD pillow?!”

Just kidding.

The stress and health risks of insomnia are real. Did you know that…

  • Between 50 to 70 million U.S. adults suffer from sleep disorders, contributing to daily task difficulties and traffic accidents
  • Over 1,550 deaths and 40,000 injuries occur annually in the U.S. due to sleepy drivers
  • Poor sleep reduces labor productivity and increases workplace mistakes, contributing to major accidents and costing tens of billions annually in medical care
  • A study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimated that approximately 328,000 drowsy driving crashes occur annually, more than three times the police-reported number, with about 6,400 being fatal
  • Accidents involving teens aged 16-18 decreased 70% when schools pushed their start time by one hour.

Not to freak you out, but here are a few more facts to think about:

  • Ongoing sleep deficiency raises the risk of chronic health problems and impacts cognitive and social functioning.
  • Insufficient sleep affects heart and blood vessel repair, hormonal balance, insulin reaction, growth and development, immune response, and risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and stroke.
  • Sleep problems contribute to the onset and worsening of mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. They exacerbate psychiatric symptoms and increase the risk of suicide in those with mental health disorders
  • Insufficient sleep increases mortality.

The short story? Our modern life has created a situation where we are not able to follow one of our major biological drives.

One that we frequently try to manage with alcohol, caffeine, and sleep aid drugs. 65 billion dollars per year is spent on pharmaceutical sleep aids alone. 90% of all Americans consume caffeine, a stimulant and sleep disrupter, every day at an average of 200 mgs per day. Alcohol, a strong sedative and the number one disrupter of REM sleep, is mistakenly consumed to “help me sleep”.

No wonder people are confused. Who has time to do the deep dive research and sift through all the books, the studies, the suggestions from sleep experts? It's particularly exasperating that specialists frequently recommend the "sleep hygiene" protocol. While it is a great starting place, it often leaves desperate sleep-deprived folks wishing for something a little more tailored to their unique needs.

Who has time for all this research? Me. I’ve taken my physiology-loving, evidence-based scientific lens combined with my herbal medicine background and common sense, earth-based wisdom to create one place to get the background physiology needed to understand what sleep is and why our bodies, minds, emotions & spirit need it.

No cookie cutter formulas here. We need tailored protocols unique to each of our needs.

That Sleep Hygiene Protocol? It’s based on over 50,000 scientific studies (that’s a lot of sleep hours, folks). We’re going to start there. We'll lay out the framework of the sleep hygiene protocol unpacking each suggestion so you can begin to create your own unique sleep success formula.

I don’t want to sell you the latest fashionable herb or supplement. I do want to help you learn about sleep and interventions so you can create your own protocol. Here’s what we will cover for you to create your tailored sleep protocol:

  • 14 herbs known to help with sleep at different levels of the sleep cycle. For example, the inability to fall asleep requires a different herbal formula than waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep.
  • Best practices for working with the herbs; infusion (tea), tincture, salve, bath salts, dream pillows.
  • Setting up your sleep den (bedroom) in a way that mimics the natural environment your animal self has slept in successfully for over 6 million years.
  • How & why it is important to work with your nervous system to create the rest & digest sleep your system so desperately needs. We’ll call this the wind down.

Did I mention science? I LOVE physiology. I love taking the deep dive into HOW things work. If we understand how something works, we can use this wisdom to make informed decisions when we do need to intervene. We can ask the right questions when we are about to invest our time and money in a product that may or may not help.

If you understand the circadian rhythm that has been hardwired into your system for over 500 million years, you’ll be able to create sleep solutions that work within the system rather than against it. You’ll understand even though you really want it to be true you only need 4 hours of sleep a night, it is a myth. And there’s nothing wrong with you.

Plus physiology is fun.

I love learning, I love teaching. The whole process is fun & engaging for me and it’s been my experience over these 38 years of teaching that people learn more easily when they are having fun and feel safe enough to engage their curiosity. That’s what we will be doing as we explore the fantastic realms of sleep.


What's in this course?

The Sleep Alchemist's Library

Gain access to a comprehensive library of recorded teachings on sleep mastery, covering both traditional and modern wisdom. Learn at your own pace and revisit the material whenever you need a refresher.

$800 value

Sleep Alchemy Live

Participate in live Q&A sessions, where you can ask questions and seek personalized guidance on improving your sleep. Get answers to your specific concerns and gain valuable insights from experienced professionals.

$500 value

Sleep Alchemist Circle

Join the Sleep Alchemist Circle, an exclusive online community hosted on Mighty Networks. Connect with fellow students, share tips, and engage in discussions about sleep-related topics. Create lasting connections and continue learning beyond the program duration.

$500 value

Sleep Alchemist Herbal Library

Access a comprehensive collection of materia medica for the 14 herbs covered in the program. Gain a wealth of knowledge about herbal remedies, their properties, and their specific benefits for sleep improvement. Expand your understanding of herbal medicine and its application to sleep health.

$35 value

CEUs for Massage Therapists

Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) specifically designed for massage therapists. Enhance your professional credentials and expand your expertise in sleep health, allowing you to offer specialized sleep-related services and guidance to your clients.

$270 value

A total value worth $2,105
but we're not stopping there!


You'll also get these extra bonuses!

Sleep Myth Buster Guide

Receive a comprehensive PDF guide debunking common sleep myths. Gain clarity and accurate information about popular misconceptions surrounding sleep, helping you make more informed decisions about your sleep habits and routines.

$25 value

Sleep Elixir Recipe Book

Gain access to a collection of sleep tincture, bath bombs and tea recipes, carefully curated by herbalist Tammi Sweet. Discover natural remedies and herbal blends that promote relaxation and improve sleep quality, empowering you to create your own personalized sleep elixirs.

$25 value

Personalized Sleep Protocol Checklist

Receive a downloadable PDF checklist that guides you through the process of creating a personalized sleep protocol. This comprehensive checklist ensures you cover all essential aspects of sleep improvement, helping you stay organized and focused on your sleep goals.

$25 value

Sleep Wellness Journal

Receive a digital, beautifully designed sleep journal to track your sleep patterns, emotions, and habits. This journal serves as a valuable tool for self-reflection, helping you identify patterns, triggers, and areas for improvement in your sleep journey.

$35 value

Course total value $2,215
Better Sleep = Priceless

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Sleep / Dream Journal ($35 value)
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8 pack each of Angel Wings & Sleep gummies smallz ($40 value)
Woodland Essence Linden Tree essence ($8 value)
1 oz loose sleep tea ($8 value)

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Learner Stories

You're in good company

"Anything that Tammi teaches is bound to be enlightening and her sleep class was another gem. It was overflowing with science and statistical info about what happens during sleep and why, what can go awry, and lifestyle habits that will increase the quality and quantity of sleep, sleep that is non-negotiable, imperative and vital to our well-being. I’ve been a health care provider since 1990 (first an LMT and currently an RN) and am always eager to hear Tammi’s take on the science of it ALL. Science deeply satisfies my mind and informs my professional practice; and, it is her grounded way of talking about an authentic way of coming back home, back to ourselves that distinguishes her teaching from all others, for me. As someone with severe sleep apnea, I finally understand what happens if I don’t get the deep cleansing that happens during sleep and using my CPAP no longer feels like a punishment (ha). Thank you Tammi!"

Maria - RN, LMT

Course Details

Start Date: January 7th ~ First Videos Released

January 9th ~ First Live Q & A/coaching session with Tammi

January 11th ~ First Live Class with guest teacher, Rosemary Gladstar

Your Instructor

Tammi Sweet
Tammi Sweet

Tammi Sweet loves to teach. It’s her superpower. She has a magical ability to connect with almost anyone when teaching and help them understand complex material.

For over 30 years, Tammi has shared her gift of teaching at various colleges, massage schools and herbal schools throughout the country. Her background in physiology makes her an invaluable resource to developing herbalists, massage therapists and anyone wanting to care for their bodies alike, who want to deepen their foundational knowledge of the body.

In addition to her physiology expertise, Tammi is also a practitioner and teacher of herbal medicine. She is deeply influenced by her studies with accomplished herbalists, including Rosemary Gladstar, Pam Montgomery, Brooke Medicine Eagle,Tom Brown, Jr. and especially Stephen Buhner’s pioneering work on the heart as an organ of perception.

In 2007, Tammi set out to “combine all the things I love into one curriculum and teach whatever I wanted in ways that made sense--on my own terms.” So she and her partner Kris Miller launched the Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials.

At Heartstone, Tammi and Kris run two residential programs, an Herbal Apprenticeship and Journey of the Heart. They also offer online courses that integrate physiology and plant medicine with Tammi’s love of teaching, such as her signature course Anatomy & Physiology for Herbalists.

Tammi’s vision is for Heartstone to co-create a space with the land, where people can come "home," take refuge and find the sacred both on the land and within themselves and facilitate healing. When not teaching, Tammi loves to spend time alone and ‘recharge’ by exploring the land, writing, and hiking.


Guest Teachers for Live Lectures!

Rosemary Gladstar

Kate Gilday

Maria Noël Groves

Kat Maier


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The first lecture will be released on January 7th, 2024.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
What is the course exactly?
*9 hours of pre recorded lecture in a drip release format over 4 weeks (roughly 2 hours of lecture a week). *Weekly (Starting January 11th, Thursday eve 6:30 PM EST), one-hour, live classes with myself, Rosemary Gladstar, Kat Maier, Kate Gilday and Maria Noël Groves presenting case studies and chatting about our favorite herbs. Optional, recorded, and uploaded into the course. *Weekly (Starting January 9th, Tuesday eve 6:30 PM EST) check ins, discussions and Q & A sessions about progress in the course curriculum and development of your sleep protocol. Think of it as coaching sessions. Optional, recorded, and uploaded into the course. *Access to the new sleep community in my private Mighty Network.
How much time will I need to invest?
Think of this as you’re signing up for a four week class. If your learning is aided by having a structured framework, you can follow the live course timeline I’ve laid out. We will be releasing approximately 2 hours of segmented lecture video per week for 4 weeks for you to watch. We will have 4, weekly, one hour live classes online for case studies from myself, Rosemary Gladstar, Kat Maier, Kate Gilday and Maria Noël Groves. The Q & A sessions round out an additional hour per week. Outside of class time you will be tracking your own sleep, incorporating the techniques, herbs & supplements you choose to create your individualized sleep protocol. If you are better served by going at your own pace, you can do that as well. Don’t have time immediately? Or life gets in the way? No problem, you own and have access to the course forever.
Not sure if this course is for you?
No problem, take it for a spin and if it isn’t right for you, there’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee and I’ll refund you the cost of the course within 30 days (if you purchased the slumber party bundle, you’ll keep that, no refund).
💸 Cost Concerns?
I get it. Sometimes it’s hard to move proactive health choices to the front of the list. Getting a good night’s sleep will positively impact every aspect of you, your family, & your client’s lives. You will be more effective. Your practice will be more effective. And we are talking about improving LIVES. The cost of this course reflects valuing everyone involved. You are getting a quality course coupled with exquisite commitment & attention. Plus, your enrollment helps to support and nurture a local community. I want you to succeed. I've got your back with scholarships and a friendly 4-payment plan. And, if what you need to make this work for you is a little different, I am only an email away. Let's make health, happiness, and good sleep accessible!